SEBASTIAN MANTELLO – Schweinfurt, Germany


Schweinfurt, Germany- August 2007-August 2008


CLUB: FC Schweinfurt 05


Sebastian Mantello in his first match for FC Schweinfurt 05 of the Bavarian Bayernliga U19s


I returned home after being away a year in Schweinfurt Germany. It was the most brilliant experience of my life to date, a time where I experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. The experience away from home was a time for me to grow up and find a way to live and pursue my dream.


Meeting the Schmitts


I arrived at Nurnberg airport on 13 August. My host father Marcus, is a coach at the Schweinfurt Soccer Club. He picked us up at the airport. His first words to us was « yah he’s the right height! ». He came across as a warm and really fun guy and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He told me he coached at the club and that he would be doing some sessions with me to see what I was like before he took me to the club. He made my parents feel very welcome and when we got to the house his wife Susi and son Marcel were equally nice. (suite…)

BRIAN LEVY – Cádiz, Spain


Cádiz, Spain 2011


CLUB: Cádiz C.F.


Brian Levy, center, with teammates from Cádiz C.F. during his Youth Year IFX program. Cádiz C.F. competes in Spain’s highest youth division, División de Honor.   


Cadiz is a great small city. I love how easy-going the people are here. I think it’s a great place to train and learn a new language because there really isn’t any pressure – very laid back. The older part of the city is very historical and beautiful. The nightlife is great and I have found it easy to adapt socially here. There really isn’t anything not to like about Cadiz. (suite…)